In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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We Believe In Jesus
by:  Soliman Al-But'he.
Publishing house:  AL-HARAMAIN Foundation, P.O.Box 92684 Riyadh 11663, Tel:(+966-1) 4652210
Publishing data:  1998.
ISBN:  9660-672-00-X.
Press via:  AL-HOMAIDHI Press, Tel:(+966-1) 4581000.

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  1. Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Qur'an, Printed in 1993. Translated by:Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilal, Professor of Islamic Faith and Teachings in Islamic University, Al-Madina, Al-Munawwara.

  2. The Holy Bible, New International Version. Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984. By: International Bible Society. Used permission of Zondervan Publishing House. Grand Rapids, MI 49530, USA.

  3. The Amplified Bible, Expanded Edition. Copyright 1987 by the Zondervan Corporation. And the Lockman Foundation

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