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The Truth About The Original Sin
by:  Dr. Abdullah Bin Hadi Al-Qahtani, P.O.Box 541, Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia.
Publishing house:  Center for Call & Guidance at Az-Zulfi, P.O.Box 182 Az-Zulfi, Tel:(+966-6) 422-5657, Fax:(+966-6) 422-4234.
Publishing date:  August 1996 Second Edition.
The Series:  9/English.
ISBN:  9960-27-560-4.
Press via:  Narjis Printing Press, Tel:(966-1) 231-6653, Fax:(966-1) 231-6866.

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Should Satan be punished?

            If Satan had been excused to take people to hell before Christ came because of their father's sin, then there is no need to persecute or even blame him. If Satan was not excused then there is no need to deceive him by holding him responsible for his crimes, because he deserved persecution.

            If Jesus (PBUH) did not establish evidence on Satan before crucifixion and he did not crucify him, Satan could say that he did not know that this man represented the human side of God; and God had permitted him to take the children of Adam to hell. This (Jesus) was one of them. I had no knowledge that you had been incarnated with him. Had I known that, I would have glorified him. Therefore, I am excused in doing that, so do not practice injustice against me.

            We could assume that Satan might say therein; "Oh my God! this is the only human that I have mistakenly taken his soul. However, I have the right to take the souls of people after him (Christ) as I had it before him, due to either their father's sin or their own sins". If what the Christians say is true, then God would need another pretext to hold Satan responsible for what he has done.